Tripet 24″ x 36″ ID/OD Grinder

(1) Pre-owned HTT Hauser Tripet Tschudin ID OD Cylindrical Grinder
Model: 202 BC
Year of Manufacture: 1999, Rebuilt & Retrofit 2007
Location: Illinois
Condition: Very Good, Some Surface Rust. Removed from Aerospace service 2015.
Fanuc CNC Rebuilt & Retrofit 2007
Max Swing: 24”
Max Grinding Length: 36”
B-Axis Movement (Manual): -3° up to +10°
Workhead Bore: 6”
Internal Grinding Unit
Z-Axis Travel: 27.55”
X-Axis Travel: 13.77”
T-Axis Automatic Turret for 2 Spindles: 5.9” Diameter
External Grinding Unit
R-Axis Travel: 27.55”
P-Axis Travel: 13.77”
Travel Speed Range: 0 – 590 IPM
Wheel Headstock Motor: 20HP
Wheel Diameter X Thickness x Bore: 30” x 2.24” x 11.99”
Original Cost: $940,805
Control Retrofit and upgrade in 2007: $215,500
Can Grind OD and ID simultaneously.
1) Creep Feed on both heads. 2) Swing down dresser 3) Marposse Probe 4) Wheel Coolant 5) Dresser Coolant 6) Chuck coolant. 7) Fanuc Touch Screen Control 8) Hand pulsator pendant 9) Model SB-4500 SBS Wheel Balance System 10) Wheel Auto Dress 11) Turmoil Model OC-300 IL Paper Filtration System 12) Chiller Fanuc Touch Screen CNC Control Filtration System Probe Measuring System Creep Feed Auto Wheel Balancing *** ID Spindle Interchangeable with Live Center for HD OD Grinding.
Floor Space: 119” x 114”
Approx. Weight: 24,200 Lbs.
Price: POR

Sorry for the crappy pics but the video is pretty good!

Tripet 202BC

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