AKS Cutting Systems – CNC Plasma, Oxy-Fuel and WaterJet Cutters. Built in the USA for 100 Years!.

MegaFab – The finest collection of fabrication machinery in the world! The most trusted names in US manufacturing, all under one roof. Including:

Whitney – Plasma, Combination Plasma-Punch, Fabricators, Portable Punches, Tooling.

Piranha – Press Brakes & Shears. None Better, Anywhere!

Whitney – The only 12kW Fiber Laser in the WORLD!

Bertsch -Since 1879 the Best in Heavy Duty Plate Rolls!

Piranha – The most recognized name in Ironworkers in the USA!

Poliquin is also a great source for used equipment. We are always searching for fine quality surplus equipment for our customers. We also represent some of the finest Machinery Rebuilders in the world.