ARC Specialties Welding Manipulator

(1) Pre-owned: ARC Specialties Welding Manipulator
Model: ARC-05i
Year of Manufacture: 2014
Location: Maine
Condition: Excellent! Very Low Hours!

Voltage: 3 X 480 VAC
Frequency: 60 HZ
Source: WYE System
AMPS: 60
Work Envelope:
-Vertical axis travel: 100”
-Horizontal axis travel:80”
-Rotary base axis travel: +/- 175 degrees
-Rotary torch head axis travel is endless.
Weld rod extenders: (2) 55.3” & one shorter
Miller XMT 450 CC/CV (600 Welding AMPS)
(2) Miller ProHeat 35 Induction heating units
Overall height is 217”
Price: POR

To the best of our knowledge, the specifications contained herein are accurate but should be verified at time of inspection. If you have any further questions please call me at (207) 784-1999.

ARC-05i Welding Manipulator PDF

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