Cutting Systems Inc Plasma/OXY Cutting System

(1) Pre-owned: Cutting Systems Inc Plasma/OXY Cutting System
Year of Manufacture: Complete Remanufacture: 2014
Location: Maine
Condition: Very Good, Under Power in Plant

Water Table:8’ x 20’
Hypertherm Automation Edge Pro PC Based Shape Cutting Control
Windows XPE Operating System
15″ Glass Touch Screen
1.5 GHz Intel Embedded Processor (or faster) 80 Gigabyte Hard Drive Capacity
1 Gigabyte DDR RAM
(2) USB Ports
Cut Wizard for ease of operator training Phoenix version 9.0 software
Dynamic Repositioning & Cut/Loss Recovery Built in Plasma Tracking Consumable Graph (2)RS422/RS232 Configurable Ports Internet & Network Capabilities
Sercos III Interface
Standard Shapes Library Programmable Rotation & Scaling DXF Conversion
8- Direction Joystick
Cut Loss Recovery
Graphic Automatic Plate Alignment Built in Diagnostics & “Remote Help” True Multitasking Environment HyperNest true shape nesting software Real time Path Display
Front and rear panel accessible

Bosch lndraDrive Cs Intelligent 2250 Watt Drive System:
SERCOS III Interface
2250 watt Programable Drives (750 watts/axis)
750 Watt Motors with Absolute Encoders Assms. (No homing or issues with power loss) Low Backlash Planetary 30: 1 Alpha Gearboxes
Digital Inputs / Outputs
Integrated Brake Resistor
Operation Panel with Programming Module Function
Shielding on all Interconnecting cables
Heavy Duty Industrial Enclosure for the harshest environments
480 VAC 3 Phase Power required at 30 amps
Contour Cutting Speeds up to 500 ipm standard (Travel Speeds up to 900ipm opt. @n/c)

Edge Pro Operator Console with the following functions:
On Path Forward/Back
Speed Pot Control of Cut Speed / Jog Speed Plasma Station Select (1/2)
Plasma Station Switch (up/down) Directional Joystick

Hypertherm Hy Performance HPR260XD, The Next Generation of Mechanized Plasma
260 amp HyDefinition Plasma Cutting System
Long-life Oxygen Cutting Technology
Virtually Dross-Free cutting from gauge up to 1-1/4″ at 100% Duty Cycle Capable of Piercing up to 1.5″ material thickness
Maximum cutting thickness up to 2.5″ with an edge start
Increased cutting speeds, approaching 400amp systems
Exceptional Consumable Life and low operating cost
Capable of Marking and Cutting with the same consumables
Quick-Disconnect Torch Head for reduced set-up time
Configured with an Automatic Gas Console

Hypertherm Automation ArcGlide Automatic Plasma Torch Height Control
Heavy Duty Motorized Slide with 9.4″ of stroke
Initial Height Sensing (IHS), for accurate and repeatable Initial Pierce Height Settings Fastest “Cut to Cut” Cycle Times ever offered
Travel Speeds up to 600 ipm
Ohmic Contact or Stall Force senses torch contact with the plate for IHS
Arc Voltage “Sampling” offers consistent cut angularity throughout the life of the electrode Manual Up/ Down Switch on Lifter
Laser Pointer built into lifter for easy plate alignment
Magnetic Plasma Collision Sensor, torch will “Breakaway” during torch collision

Hypertherm Cam Solutions ProNest 2015 Advanced NC Programming Software
“The Brains behind True Hole Technology”
Cad/Cam Import, Conversion & Part Development Advanced Plasma & OxyFuel Post Processor
Costing & Reporting
Trueshape Nesting Module
Collision Avoidance
Code Generation, CNC Output & Basic DNC
Plasma Process Parameters generated in code
Operator Licenses and Subscription Maintenance Agreement

Operator Console with the following functions:
1 ea. External E-Stop Button (on/off)
2 ea. Torch Station Switch (up/down)
2 ea. Torch Station Select
1 ea. Oxy/Fuel Gas Controls Hi/Low/Cutting

Oxy/Fuel Gas Regulator Control System:
High Volume Harris 425 Series Station Regulators
High/Low Pre-Heat Automatic
“Ease On” Pierce Rate Valve for High Pressure Oxygen Control
High Pressure Oxygen controlled by way of a High Volume Dome Loaded Regulator

Motorized Torch Cutting Station including:
Heavy Duty Motorized Lifter with 8″ of Stroke
All Anodized Aluminum Construction
Ball Screw Design guided by Linear Way & Linear Bearing
110 VAC Motor with mechanical Clutch and Lovejoy Coupler Brass Torch Holder with Pinion and Hand Wheel
VICTOR (3) Hose Machine Cutting Torch with 32 pitch Rack Individual Control of Preheat Gases and High Pressure Oxygen
Hoses Control Cables and All Necessary Connections
All Hoses & Cable are routed through high quality Igus Power Track

Price: $89,900.00

To the best of our knowledge, the specifications contained herein are accurate but should be verified at time of inspection. If you have any further questions, please call me at (207) 784-1999.

Cutting Systems Inc Plasma:Oxy Cutting System PDF

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