Haas VF6/40

(1) Pre-owned: Haas VMC
Model: VF6/40
Year of Manufacture:2009
Location: Massachusetts
Condition: Very Good

220/60/3 20HP
Haas CNC – 5th axis enabled
X Travel 64”
Y Travel 32”
Z Travel 30”
Spindle Taper Cat40
Spindle Speed: 7,500 RPM
Spindle Nose To Table (Max) 34″
Spindle Nose To Table (Min) 4″
Table Size: 61″ x 30”
Max Table Weight 4,000 Lbs.
Auto Tool Changer: 24 Station
Max Tool Dia. (Full) 3″
Max Tool Weight 12 Lbs.
Tool-To-Tool (Avg) 2.8 Seconds
Chip-To-Chip (Avg) 3.6 Second
Rapids X, Y, Z: 600″/Min.
Max Cutting 500″/Min.
Coolant Capacity 95 Gal.
Chip Auger
Haas 8” Rotary
Wired for 4th & 5th Axis
Price: $67,500.00

To the best of our knowledge, the specifications contained herein are accurate but should be verified at time of inspection. If you have any further questions please call me at (207) 784-1999.

Haas VF6 PDF

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