Sodick AP-500 Wire Cut EDM

(1) Pre-owned Sodick Wire Cut EDM
Model: AP-500
Year of Manufacture: 1999
Location: Maine
Condition: Very Good under power in Engineering Lab. Low Use!


Table travel (x,y): 20” x 14”
Z-Travel: 10.6”
U, V Travel: 2.75” x 2.75”
Taper angle @ 3.9” high: +/- 15
Max. size of workpeice (W x D x H): 27.5” x 19.6” x 10.2”
Max. weight of workpeice: 770 Lbs.
Machine Features
.1 Micron (.0000040”) resolution, Heidenhain scales on X, Y
Ceramically isolated work table and UV head for thermal stability. Sodick’s patented EF-11
circuit does not require any special isolated tooling for using this fine finish circuit.
EF-11 circuit for electrolysis free and fine finish cutting
Automatic wire threader with pipe/jet system for fully submerged threading. Wire tip removal
system is standard for rethreading after wire break.
Dielectric chiller
Stainless steel work tank and dielectric tank
Fully programmable Z-axis
Fine adjustment of wire tension for running .002” wire
Mark 21 Control Features with new Sodick flat screen moniter update
Minimum table drive of .1 micron
32-bit multi tasking
320 mbyte hard drive
RS-232c port
Machine maintenance page
2-D and 3-D graphics
On-board APT programming system
Price: $15,500.00

To the best of our knowledge, the specifications contained herein are accurate but should be verified at time of inspection. If you have any further questions please call me at (207) 784-1999.

Sodick AP-500 EDM price pdf

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