Zayer 5-Axis Bridge Mill

(1) Pre-owned Zayer 5-Axis Bridge Mill
Model: KP 5000 5 Axis
Year of Manufacture: 1997, Reconstructed 2016
Location: Europe
Condition: Complete Rebuild. New & Unused Condition!

Heidenhain 530 CNC Control
Table Size: 197” x 71”
Max Table Load: 22,000 Lbs.
Travels: X-185”, Y-120” , Z-43”
Distance Between Columns: 90.5”
Rapid Feed Rate: (X, Y, Z): 590 IPM
Maximum Feed Rate: 197 IPM
Spindle Taper: ISO-50
Spindle Speed: 6,000 RPM – 2 Range
Spindle Motor: 50 HP
5-Axis Milling Head, Full C-axis and A-Axis Contouring
Maximum Height Between Nose and Table
with Spherical Head in Vertical Position: 37.2”
Min- Max Height from table to nose of the
Spherical Head: 5.4” – 48.7”
Machine Weight: 74,800 Lbs.
Portable Hand Wheel
Price: POR

To the best of our knowledge, the specifications contained herein are accurate but should be verified at time of inspection. If you have any further questions please call me at (207) 784-1999.


Greg Poliquin

Zayer KP 5000 5 Axis Bridge Type Mill

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