Last month Poliquin Machinery & Fryer Machine Systems proudly shipped two beautiful new VT-60 Vertical Turret Lathes to Pratt & Whitney. The unique horizontal turrets feature excellent clearance for long and short tools alike. The machines also feature an innovative traveling column design that allows a large swing in half the amount of floor space. The highly customizable VT-60 is an excellent choice for a forward thinking aerospace company such as Pratt & Whitney.

These machines are:
– Available in sizes from 30″ to 80″ swing.
– Complete vertical access to the workpiece.
– Available with Fanuc or Siemens CNC
– Available with an 8 or 12 station turret.
– Available with live milling.
– Available with Y-Axis.
– Available with full contouring C-Axis.
– Very Competitively priced.
– Small footprint.
– Made in Patterson, NY. U.S.A

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These Lathes are a big leap forward in technology
at VERY reasonable prices and you need to learn more about them!